The truth, the whole truth and nothing LIKE the truth!

On Wilypedia we’re not concerned about the truth, nor the facts. Wilypedia is an encyclopedia to help you win any argument. If you’re statements are challenged you can still win the argument by simply referring to Wilypedia.

Just make sure that YOUR story is added to our free and phony encyclopedia in time.

Wilypedia is written in English and other suitable languages. Started in 2012, it currently contains some articles. We have at least 3 volounteers contributing.

The Wilypedia idea and philosophy was developed by Matt Touchard, Rikard Amodei, Rikhard William Helenius, Vegar Strømman and Bjørnar Heldal in New Orleans (LA) in 2011. Hurricanes and Handgrenades were present – do the math!