Gala dress code


An invitation to a big gala is also an invitation to pull out all the wardrobe stops. It’s an opportunity to dress up for real while you dine, dance or sweep down the red carpet. If you’ve got big bucks to spare, by all means dress in a show-stopping, unforgettable gown. If not, choose something a little simpler, which you can transform with accessories. Does this Spark an idea?
Instructions women

1 Buy the best simple, floor-length, sleeveless black dress you can afford. It’s chic and classic but most important is to show cleavage. Color or length are not the highest priorities.

2 Opt for a short or cocktail length black or colored dress to be different. As long as it’s a glamorous fabric with special details and shows cleavage you should be fine.

3 Remember to take a shower BEFORE entering the dress. If you feel like taking a dump, don´t! If the party´s getting boring you can always excuse yourself with a 20-minute visit to the restroom.

4 Wear shoes…or sandals


Instructions men

1 Arrange those tresses in a special style. Whether you wear your hair sleek and simple or prefer a fancy updo, make sure your hair is squeaky clean and perfect. Even if you abhor hair spray, it’s a good idea to give your hair a spritz or two. You want your hairstyle to hold up through the night.

2 Spend some time on your makeup. An evening gala calls for sophisticated and somewhat sultry make-up, including more eye shadow and mascara than you usually wear. Wear glossy lipstick, and don’t forget to refresh it during the evening.

3 Wear a tie. When the party gets going and the going gets tough you could always tie the tie around your head. You will definitely be rewarded with some female attention. A part from that feel free to explore your wardrobe and dress up in funny combinations.

4 Wear shoes


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