Wilypedia movie awards

wilyaward trophy 2013

wilyaward trophy 2013

The Wilypedia Movie Award is an award bestowed by the William Academy of Travel Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognize excellence of professionals in the travelling film industry, including directors, actors, and writers. The Popcorn statuette is officially named the Wilypedia Academy Award Statuette – commonly referred to as “winning a william”.

The formal ceremony at which the Wily Awards are presented is one of the most prominent award ceremonies in the world, and could have been televised live in more than 100 countries annually. Had William been born in the 17th century it would also have been the oldest award ceremony in the media; its equivalents, the Grammy Awards (for music), Emmy Awards (for television), and Tony Awards (for theatre) would then have been modeled after the Wily Awards.

The Wily Awards are charaterized by extremely long red carpets, large bottles of champagne, exclusive limousines, a paparazzi or two and hardly no fans at all.


No movie contributions should exceed 12 minutes. Rumors has it that the jury is easily bribed so contributions exceeding 12 minutes has actually been the norm.

The Wilypedia Movie Awards History

  • The 112th Wilypedia Movie Awards will be held at the Ernst Hotel Superdome Theatre (appr. 30-31 pax capacity) April 28th 2012, and will be hosted by Tom Cruise and his partner Julia Roberts.
  • The 113th Wilypedia Movie Awards will be held at the Ernst Hotel Superdome Theatre (appr. 60-70 pax capacity, Growing fast) April 20th 2013, and will be hosted by Angelina Jolie and her secret lover Robert Downing jr.
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