Wilypedia doing New Orleans

Wilypedia Doing New Orleans

Wilypedia Doing New Orleans

=== Filmfacts ===
Titel: Wilypedia Doing New Orleans

Regi: William

Acters: Rihard Helenius, Bjørnar Heldal, Vegar Strømman, Rikard Amodei

Script: Matt Touchard

Genre: Doku action thriller

Nationalitet: USA/NO

Length: 23 min.

Distribustion: Wilypedia.com

Year: 2012

PG-13: This film contains some intimate violence with a supernatural feel. The film takes place in a realistic environment and has a disturbing theme. The film will be 13-year age limit.

=== Story ===
The no 1 motion picture box office hit of 2012 – a totally surprising underdog that could have won several awards had it not been for the lack of script, skilled actors or crew. Turning cast 6. Definitely.Rated R for disturbing violent images, language, sexual content and some drug use (Redux version)


Turning kast 6

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